New Tribe/MONKEY BEAVER™ Arborist Saddle

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*If you are near a size break, contact us for guidance in choosing the best size for you (contact us page).
Belt Size
Small 26" to 32" waist
Medium 33" to 37"waist
Large 36" to 42" waist
X-Large 41" to 46" waist

A tree care professional climbs like a monkey and cuts wood like a beaver. Arborist August Hunicke, who has a natural aptitude for supremely skilled, dangerous work up in the treetops, puts it like this for his Monkey Beaver™ brand:

August and colleague Joe Boyd pooled their ideas with New Tribe’s designer Casey Jones to create the sensational New Tribe/Monkey Beaver™ arborist saddle. We are proud to label this saddle with distinctive patches on the leg pads, with August’s Monkey Beaver “Dude” and a new take on the New Tribe logo.

If, like August and Joe, you were Made for This™ then our new saddle was “Made for YOU.” 

• Firm, wide waistbelt is contoured from 8" at rear to 3" at front for sturdy, fitted support
• Rope bridge attaches to rigging plates with stopper knots, easy to exchange the bridge
• Forged aluminum bridge ring glides smoothly for every maneuver
• Waistbelt and leg loops equipped with buckles for quick and easy opening and closing without the need to readjust them
• Leg loops are expanded with lightweight fabric and webbing that distribute weight for comfort without bulk, and thigh straps keep them in place
• Optional foam pads can be added for even more leg comfort
• Leg loop buckles adjust for ideal weight distribution between the waistbelt and the leg loops
• Rear buckles on leg loops can be adjusted for perfect positioning
On the waistbelt:
• Three slots for tool holders like Rock Exotica transPorter or Petzl Caritool or carabiner
• Two large aluminum D rings for tool attachment
• One rolled aluminum ring on tether, to carry chainsaw
• One structured webbing gear loop at rear
• Two snap hooks
• Four rings for attaching optional suspenders

Life-safety components:
• Samson ArborMaster 16-strand climbing rope – (6500 lbs MBS)
• 1 ISC aluminum bridge ring -- (25 kN/5620 lbs MBS)
• 3 ISC aluminum Klick-lock buckles -- (16 kN/3697 lbs MBS)
• 2 Rock Exotica aluminum rigging plates -- (36 kN/8000 lbs MBS)
• 2 forged steel side D rings -- (23kN/5000 lbs)
• 1 3/4” nylon parachute webbing -- (6000 lbs tensile strength)
• 1” heavy nylon webbing -- (5600 lbs tensile strength)
• 1” tubular nylon webbing -- (4000 lbs tensile strength)


- Side D rings are now larger than before! Same size as your accessory rings! This will make it easier to attach your lanyard / flip line.

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Saddle Size: